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"Precision Measurement at its best so you can be at yours"
"Calibration, certification and repair for your aviation, manufacturing or transportation quality requirements".
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CSI has established a unique partnership in customer service, calibration and repair. Our excellence in customer service and broad range of capabilities has given us a high rank in our field.

We have been providing this service for over 25 years. We have long standing relationships with large corporations, but the little company is always important and never overlooked.

CSI is committed to expedient turn time. We are the major calibration source in the airline and shipping industries. Our goal is providing ongoing growth in the automotive, pharmaceutical, food & drug, manufacturing and any industry involved in an ISO quality program.



Calibration Specialty based in the Dallas, Texas area provides professional aircraft calibration services, airline calibration services, airline tool calibration, avionics tool calibration, avionics equipment calibration, helicopter calibration services, Fluke mulitmeter repair, Starrett calibration services, Mitutoyo calibration services and on-site calibration repair services.