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  • DPS 450 Air Data Test Set Open
    DPS 450 Air Data Test Set Open

    Barfield DPS 450 Digital Pitot Static Test Set – Refurbished & NIST Certified

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    Barfield DPS 450 Digital Pitot Static Test Set; NIST Calibration certificate included! The Barfield DPS 450 Digital Pitot Static Test Set is designed to minimize aircraft downtime and meets the high accuracy demands of Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RSVM) specifications on the market. The DPS 450 has fully automatic control by means of the menu-driven high contrast EL Display and tactile membrane keypad. All functions of the tester are fully automatic and require no manual sequencing of valves or regulators. The controller generates and maintains the input altitude, airspeed, or VSI values. This unit precisely maintains the input value (Ps, PT, Airspeed, Alt, etc.) overcoming any pressure values caused by leaky systems. A precision sensor on the static channel provides high accuracy altitude measurement and simulation. This enables the operator to undertake flightline testing accurately and efficiently, without compromising safety standards. Features:
    • Fully automated unit
    • Database capable of saving the limit data of different aircraft and stored in a battery backed memory
    • GO TO GROUND feature automatically and safely depressurizes both systems to ambient pressure
    • Compact and lightweight for quick and easy portability
    • Meets .0030 in. Hg accuracy on static channel
    View our Certificate of Accreditation here.
  • Used Barfield 2643G Fuel Gaging T/S
    Used Barfield 2643G Fuel Gaging T/S